Childhood memories are sometimes filled with fun times playing video games. I remembered getting my first video game concole, Micro Genius which is a Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) console clone, as a present from my father after I was circumcised. The difference between a Micro Genius and a NES console is that Micro Genius uses a smaller cartridges unlike NES. The cartridges used is comparable to using pirate software CDs these days.

NES Console

Micro Genius Console

There were quite a number of memorable games like Contra and CastleVania etc. Some games are fun and some games can really get on your nerves. And there many more games that looks interesting which I really wanted to try but never had the opportunity.

But I discovered a couple of videos by this dude known as the James Rolfe aka Angry Video Game Nerd. He reviewed some NES games and also from other consoles and he tells you why he's angry. And sure thanks to him I realised these games aren't worth trying out. Check out some of his video reviews:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Friday The 13th

Double Dragon 3

Now see the origin of his anger:

I could have been like him if I tried those annoying games back then.

1st Day of Work

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Well its not really my first day working, but rather my 1st day working at my office as a full timer after being a part-timer for 1 year plus. Had an orientation today instead of doing my normal routine at work. We got to know with each other among the new staffs. Quite a happy and jovial bunch I'd say. All in all 7 new staffs including me.

Afternoon after Friday prayers, we headed to one of our offices located at the Paragon shopping centre. Before we were shown around the office, we were given the task to take up the role of the mystery shopper at the office. And so I went and test the staff who handled me. Not bad for the service but she could have done better in my opinion. I think she might be pissed upon revelations that I wasn't a bona fide customer earlier on. But who cares, I'm doing as what I've been instructed to do.

So after playing my role we were orientated to the various department in the office and got attached to some of the departments to understand better how they function as an office. After that we were dismissed and we went around Takashimaya and head back home after that. Back home, my mother is feeling much better than ever. And I'm happy for that.

Rough Day

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Had a rough day today. My little cousin whom my family is taking care of, woke me up at 5:20am. I was irritated having to wake up so early but she told me my father called for me.

I went to my room and found him beside my mother. My mother lying on the bed, crying as she complained of breathlessness and felt pain from that. Her hands and feet were cold. I was shocked to see her in such a state. Tried to locate her pulse but can't seem to feel, it appears to be weak.

Had no other option but to call 995. Paramedics came on scene within few minutes. The senior medic asked for details what happened earlier and took her vital signs and ECG readings. Results appear to be normal but she was still hyperventilating.

Eventually she was brought to Changi General Hospital A&E. The doctor performed a number of test. At the end of it he informed that everything is normal. Her condition could be due to stress. She was discharged shortly and me and father took her for breakfast nearby. My mother took a long rest back home, but still having headaches and giddiness. But now she's fine. She's watching TV with my family and felt better now. Thank God. Alhamdulillah.

The incident that happened today made me more appreciative of my mother. I love her and I felt I have not done enough for her. I prayed to God that she may live longer so that I can do more good deeds for her and hopefully to see me settle down someday. InsyaAllah. To my friends out there whose parents are still alive, be good to your parents while they're still alive. Once they're gone, they won't come back. No one can ever replace your own mother who gave birth to you, look after you till you grow up and made alot of sacrifices for your own well being. Same thing goes for your father.

That's all for now.

I watched The Dark Knight sometime back. Its perhaps the darkest Batman movie ever made in the franchise. Heath Ledger's final act as the Joker was absolutely brilliant. The part when he said line "Why so serious? Lets put a smile on that face" makes me shiver. Now a number of people in my MSN list used that line and put it on their nick.

Now imagine that line by an inappropriate person at an inappropriate moment:

  1. Tok mudim to a bunch kids getting ready to be circumcised.

  2. Tok Kadi/Priest to the soon-to-be husband and wife.

  3. Saying that to mourners at a funeral.

  4. Parade commander to the marching contingent at National Day Parade.

  5. The doctor who is about to perform a critical operation on a patient.

  6. BMT instructor tekanning the recruits.

  7. Executioner to a death row convict.

  8. Comforting a person on the verge of death.

  9. Nurse to a woman who is about to give birth.

  10. Customer Service Officer to an angry customer.

Birth of a New World

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OK. So I finally managed to set up my blog. Kinda slow, but will work out on that later. I had to crack my head for a few days to tweak this blog.

After much thinking I just decided to name my blog as WorldWideWadi. Was thinking of naming is WorldWideWardi, but doesn't sound nice having a "World Wide War" in my blog name. My friends call me Wardi, some call Wadi without the 'r', and lately I'm accustomed to being called Adi by colleagues. Even I refer to myself as Adi when I talk to my parents.

Well that's all for now. Time to knock out. Will be back for more updates.

1st post

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Testing 123.